Welcome to the Team for Health Economics, Policy and Technology Assessment.

THETA are a team of health economists and statisticians who undertake world-leading research that combines methods development with policy-relevant applications. We work closely with colleagues within the Department of Health Services Research and Policy (at LSHTM), and collaborate extensively with leading methodologists, clinicians and policy-makers.

THETA have expertise in the following inter-related areas:

Causal inference: Our research draws on causal inference approaches to provide accurate, relevant estimates of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of new health care interventions. We have extended approaches for: improving external validity, and tackling the problems of confounding, missing and clustered data.

Analysis of large datasets: Our research involves exploitation of large datasets to provide estimates of treatment effects, resource use and survival. Applied areas include the lifetime of artificial joints and long-term resource use in critical care patients.

 Preference elicitation: We are developing novel preference elicitation methods and Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs). Ongoing research involves new approaches that allow children to value different dimensions of health, evaluating alternative incentives for health workers, and appraising diagnostic tests for sexually transmitted infections.

 Evidence synthesis and decision modelling: Our approach to evidence synthesis and network meta-analyses encourages methodological development particularly from a Bayesian perspective. We have expertise in developing decision models and methodological interests in model calibration.

Policy: THETA directly contributes to the evidence base used by stakeholders and policy makers to shape future policies. For example, many health economic studies undertaken by THETA economists directly contributes to the writing up of NICE guidelines and designing future health policies in collaboration with colleagues at PIRU.

For general enquiries please email theta@lshtm.ac.uk

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