Current Research degree topics


Jørn Jacobsen– Cost effectiveness analysis of different management options for non-Metastatic Prostate Cancer (n-MPCa)

Kim Jeong – Cost-effective strategies in the prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer in the National Health Insurance (NHI) Korea

Bernadette LiAn economic evaluation of deceased donor kidney allocation schemes for patients with established renal failure in the United Kingdom

David Lugo – Analysis of the effectiveness of the primary care services and the hospital efficiency in Mexico

Michela Meregaglia – Combining health outcomes, patient preferences and costs in economic evaluation: the case of head and neck cancer (HNC) follow-up in Italy

Gesine Meyer-Rath – The economics of antiretroviral therapy in South Africa: The role of budget impact modelling in changing policy

Adam Steventon – Evaluating complex interventions using routinely collected data: Methods to improve the validity of randomised controlled trials and observational studies

Amina Sugimoto – Where are we with the challenge of high-cost medicines? Global comparison of the reimbursement decision-making process for Direct-Acting Antivirals for Hepatitis C virus infection

Noemia Teixeira de Siqueira Filha – The treatment of HIV/AIDS in Brazil: economic evaluation of strategies for screening and diagnosis of tuberculosis in people living with HIV/AIDS

Further information is available on the Research degree programme and on scholarship funding at LSHTM.

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